Upstairs Downstairs 1897 An Original New Musical - Book, Music & Lyrics by Loretta Kay Feld ASCAP

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Loretta K. Feld. Composer. Author. Lyricist.

Loretta Kay-Feld is a published Composer/Author/Lyricist, having composed hundreds of songs for children, both music and lyrics for television,  She has written many Folk and Country Songs, music for ballet. Classical compositions, humorous songs, Patriotic songs and has authored and published many stories for children.

Loretta is presently publishing her ‘Brava Bella’ Series as well as an epic Australian novel for children of all ages.

Upstairs Downstairs 1897 has taken several years to write the book, lyrics and music and will delight audiences all over the world.  This Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria 1897sparkles with twenty-six songs, a very singable score and a timeless story that incorporates a wonderful host of characters and makes the Victorian Era come alive!

Millions  of people across the world have been and still are fascinated by the Victorian Era and, I must confess, I happen to be one of them.

So many people who have heard the music and have attended and enjoyed many workshops in several Countries, have asked "Loretta, what inspired you to write about this Era"?  I have answered them quite truthfully...........I was sitting at my piano one day and heard the door of the basement open with squeaks, creaks, endless chatter and peals of laughter.  I sat gingerly on the edge of my piano bench as a host of Victorian characters appeared one by one and promptly sat down in my living room where they divulged secrets and intimate details about their lives in 1897. 
Queen Victoria had eyes filled with unshed tears as she confided in me her deepest feelings about the celebrations that were held for her in June, 1897.  All the members of the Farthing household from Portman Square amazed and delighted me with stories of their lives and how the Diamond Jubilee Year had proved a never-to-be forgotten year in so many ways. 

After I had served tea, triangular cucumber sandwiches, some scones with jam to all present, the whole ensemble implored me to write a musical play about their lives in the hope that future generations would never forget the Victorians when Britain was at the height of her glory and I was at the height of my creative ability!

While raising four highly talented children, I performed in New York, London and Australia, the Variety Club of Great Britain, composed music for ballet and numerous songs and stories for children.   I am a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, the Dramatist Guild and have been awarded grants for composition as well as for my infallible sense of British humour!

I would like to invite serious investors, film, television and theatrical producers to contact me at the information given on my contact page. Full details  regarding perusal of the full two-act script and piano/vocal score can be made available.

I have given birth to this musical play is the perfect time for production.  Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her long reign and this enchanting musical play with many memorable songs will leave the audience singing and will surely add a welcome spark, festivity and energy to the Royal Family. Renewed interest would flourish all over the world.

The Victorian Era was an Age of complexity and diversity and perhaps the beginning of modernity.